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AutoIT – Modify COM Port Properties

Once again, I am working on a Project where I needed to update COM Ports on Legacy Devices.  After searching google for about an hour with no solution in sight, I decided to try AutoIT as it has rescued me before.

This script will launch Device Manager, search for the Device that you want to modify go through all the actions to make the change then apply it.

I used control handles so even if the dialog isn’t forefront it will still work.


Using AutoIT to Install Null Modems

I was on a Project where I needed to install Virtual Null Modems, since these weren’t physical devices PnP detection wouldn’t work…

I ended up writing this AutoIT Script to use the Add Hardware Wizard.

You are welcome to modify this script to suit your needs to install / configure Hardware.  I’m really starting to like AutoIT



Detection Method – Hotfix Detection

There are times where you have to deploy a Stand Alone update file as a pre-req for a Software Package, in order to “Link” the packages together using the dependency feature of the Application Model can be a challenge because now you have to find a detection method for the Update.

This is how I do my SCCM Detection Methods to verify if a HotFix is installed.


Update SCCM Cache Size – VBScript

The following Script will update the SCCM Cache Size of a Client.

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BGInfo – Get Hardware Model Script

Putting the Hardware Model in a BGInfo screen should be a built-in field, however for some reason it has been missed.

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BGInfo Get IPAddress Script

Whenever asked if I can put the IPAddress on the Desktop using BGInfo the easy answer is “YES” it has a built in IPAddress Field should be able to do what I want.

When you use the Built-In field, you will get a (None) showing up for each of the Adapters that doesn’t have an Active IP Address assigned.  On Modern Laptops this will include WiFi adapters, or if you have a Visualization Solution installed such as Hyper-V or VMWare you will have additional virtual Network Adapters that will show as (None). Continue reading

Move Mouse Script

Over the years I have run into some pretty strange issues with Application installs, but one that to this day still trips me up is with the Citrix Plugin.

The installation seems to “hang” until you move and or click the Mouse.  Seems weird, but true…

So I went online to see if anyone had already slain this beast and found the following: Continue reading

Clear SCCM Cache through VBScript

If you need to clear the SCCM via Script, here is a VBScript that will do just that.
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Move Removable Drives up the Alphabet during Operating System Deployment

A while back I was presented with the following problem during a Operating System Deployment Project.  If a computer had a multi-card reader it would assign itself to the following 7 drives:

  • E:\
  • F:\
  • G:\
  • H:\
  • I:\
  • J:\
  • K:\

This wasn’t so much a problem, except that the Drives H:\, I:\, J:\ & K:\ were used for Network locations and as a result those drives did not map via the logon script.  So I had to move the Multi-Card reader off those drives.

It was decided that we would move the whole lot and not just the ones that were conflicting as this would enable us to create a standard deployment strategy.

So I wrote a script that would move all removable drives off the lower level drive letters and move them up the alphabet to a section that wasn’t quite so populated.

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