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Month: November 2014

Canadian IT Pro Connection

Ran across a site full of good information from fellow Canadian IT Pros…


AutoIT – Modify COM Port Properties

Once again, I am working on a Project where I needed to update COM Ports on Legacy Devices.  After searching google for about an hour with no solution in sight, I decided to try AutoIT as it has rescued me before.

This script will launch Device Manager, search for the Device that you want to modify go through all the actions to make the change then apply it.

I used control handles so even if the dialog isn’t forefront it will still work.


Using AutoIT to Install Null Modems

I was on a Project where I needed to install Virtual Null Modems, since these weren’t physical devices PnP detection wouldn’t work…

I ended up writing this AutoIT Script to use the Add Hardware Wizard.

You are welcome to modify this script to suit your needs to install / configure Hardware.  I’m really starting to like AutoIT



Add WinPE RAM Disk to Windows 7 Boot Menu


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