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PowerShell Script to set permissions in Active Directory for OSD

Here is a nice script that Mikael Nystrom & Johan Arwidmark put together to set the Permissions required for the OSD Service Account.

Disk drive numbers may not correspond to the SATA channel numbers when you install Windows on a computer that has multiple SATA or RAID disks

If you have multiple drives in your Computer and they aren’t enumerating the way you are expecting this may be why…

Move Removable Drives up the Alphabet during Operating System Deployment

A while back I was presented with the following problem during a Operating System Deployment Project.  If a computer had a multi-card reader it would assign itself to the following 7 drives:

  • E:\
  • F:\
  • G:\
  • H:\
  • I:\
  • J:\
  • K:\

This wasn’t so much a problem, except that the Drives H:\, I:\, J:\ & K:\ were used for Network locations and as a result those drives did not map via the logon script.  So I had to move the Multi-Card reader off those drives.

It was decided that we would move the whole lot and not just the ones that were conflicting as this would enable us to create a standard deployment strategy.

So I wrote a script that would move all removable drives off the lower level drive letters and move them up the alphabet to a section that wasn’t quite so populated.

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